Human Geography

Courses Offered in Geography

Geography is the study of human and physical landscapes on the surface of the Earth. It is unique as an academic discipline because of its ability to integrate ideas and methods from many different disciplines, its concern with "spatial" or areal patterns, relationships and processes on the Earth's surface, and its important focus on environmental studies. Geography courses thus provide students with valuable and relevant social, natural and environmental sciences training, whatever their degree programme.

Major in Geography (BA)


The Geography Major draws on academic material from both the human and physical areas within the discipline. Emphasis is on the development of theory and methodology, and on the practical application of geographical concepts to the environmental, economic, social and cultural problems at global to local scales, with emphasis on issues pertinent to southern British Columbia and Canada. The immediate focus of the Geography Major is on solving problems of environment, resources, and development. By focusing on these, the Major provides students with a specialized program that addresses issues of increasing concern and interest to Canadians.

On entering the program, students should consult with the chair of the Department of Geography to develop a curriculum plan for their last 60 credit hours of study. Before completing the last 30 credit hours of their degree, students should again have their program reviewed by the chair.

Minor in Geography

For students looking for a broad-ranging minor, a minor in geography allows you to study a wide variety of topics while completing study in one field.

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