(Jose) Carlos Teixeira

Associate Professor, Geography


  • BSc (Geography, Universite du Quebec a Montreal. 1980)
  • MSc (Geography, Universite du Quebec a Montreal. 1983)
  • PhD (Geography, York University. 1993)

Research Interests

  • Urban and social geography, with emphasis on migration processes,
  • Community formation,
  • Housing and neighbourhood change,
  • Ethnic entrepreneurship and the
  • The social structure of Canadian cities

National Metropolis Project

Research Support

  • Metropolis British Columbia (2008-2011)
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (2006-2007)
  • Community University Research Alliance (CURA) Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (With 28 co-applicants plus community partners). Centre for Urban and Community Studies - University of Toronto. December 2004.
  • Centre for Urban and Community Studies - University of Toronto - Toronto - 2002-2003.
  • Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS) - Toronto - 1999

Selection of Publications

  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2011). “Finding a Home of their Own: Immigrant Housing Experiences in Central Okanagan, British Columbia, and Policy Recommendations for Change”, Journal of International Migration and Integration, 12: 173-197.
  • MURDIE, R. A. and Carlos Teixeira (2011). “The Impact of Gentrification on Ethnic Neighourhoods in Toronto: A Case Study of Little Portugal”. Urban Studies, 48 (1): 61-83.
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2010/2011). “Housing New Canadians in Central Okanagan, British Columbia”.  B.C. Studies, 168: 45-63
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2009). "New Immigrant Settlement in a Mid-size City: A Case Study of Housing Barriers and Coping Strategies in Kelowna, British Columbia", The Canadian Geographer, 53: 323-339.  
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2008). "Barriers and Outcomes in the Housing Searches of New Immigrants and Refugees: A Case Study of "Black" Africans in Toronto's Rental Market", Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 23: 253-276. 
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2007). “Residential Experiences and the Culture of Suburbanization – A Case Study of Portuguese Homebuyers in Mississauga”, Housing Studies, 22(4): 495-521. 
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos, L. Lo and M. Truelove (2007). “Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Institutional Discrimination, and Implications for Public Policy”, Environment and Planning C, 25(2):176-193.
  • LI, Wei and Carlos Teixeira (2007). “Introduction: Immigrants and Transnational Experiences in World Cities”, GeoJournal, 68(2/3): 93-102.
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2006). “Housing Experiences of Black Africans in Toronto’s Rental Housing Market: A Case Study of Angolan and Mozambican Immigrants”, Canadian Ethnic Studies , XXXVIII (3): 58-86. 
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2006). “A Comparative Study of Portuguese Homebuyers’ Suburbanization in the Toronto and Montreal Areas”, Espaces-Populations-Societes, 1: 121-135. 
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (2006). “Residential Segregation and Ethnic Economies in a Multicultural City: The Little Portugal of Toronto”, in Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy, eds. David Kaplan and Wei Li, 49-65. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Special Issues

  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos (Guest Editor*) (2010). “Newcomer’s Experiences of Housing and Homelessness in Canada”, Canadian Issues/Themes Canadiens, Fall 2010: 1-106 [21 contributions] [Bilingual Publication – English/French] [21 Articles]. (* With collaboration from: Barry Halliday).
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos and Wei Li (Editors) (2009). "Immigrant and Refugee Experiences in North American Cities", Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 7. 
  • LI, Wei and Carlos Teixeira (Editors) (2007). “Immigrants and Transnational Experiences in World Cities”, GeoJournal, 68(2/3): 93-278.


  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos, Wei Li and Audrey Kobayashi (Editors) (2012). Immigrant Geographies of North American Cities. Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press.
  • TEIXEIRA, Carlos and Victor M. P. Da Rosa (Editors) (2009). The Portuguese in Canada: Diasporic Challenges and Adjustment. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (295 Pages) (Second Edition).

Teaching Portfolio

UBC Okanagan Calendar Course Descriptions are available at available online.

  • Geography 128: Human Geography: Space, Place and Community
  • Geography 129: Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society
  • Geography 351: Urban Social Geography
  • Geography 353: Geographies of Migration and Settlement
  • Geography 371: Research Methods in Human Geography
  • Geography 454: Geographies of Housing
  • Geography 458: Population Geography

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E-mail: carlos.teixeira@ubc.ca

Community, Culture, and Global Studies
Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences
The University of British Columbia Okanagan
3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

Carlos Teixeira