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Robin Dods | Associate Professor Emerita | Anthropology | robin.dods@ubc.ca
Research Interests: North America (mostly Canadian Boreal Forest and Boreal/Deciduous Ecotones); Egypt, Botswana, and Jordan; ancient pyrotechnology in the management of forests; landscape constructs in ancient times as indicators of cultural realities; science and traditional knowledge; subsistence systems.
Courses & Teaching: Cultural anthropology; futurist anthropology; materials analysis; Algonquian ethnography, specific American and world archaeology areas, archaeological theory.
Diana E. French | Associate Professor Emerita | Anthropology | diana.french@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Western Canadian archaeology; subarctic anthropology; applied anthropology and aboriginal issues; heritage resource management; works with First Nations communities to manage and protect archaeological and other cultural resources; provides workshops on cross-cultural communications; assists forestry licensees with policy development and cultural resource management.
Courses & Teaching: Applied anthropology; historical archaeology; cultural anthropology; ethnography and archaeology of the western subarctic
Miriam Grant | Professor Emerita | Geography | miriam.grant@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Linkages between urban food security and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa; low-income rental housing in Zimbabwe; transnational Zimbabweans; gendered aspects of caregiving for TB and HIV/AIDS patients in Zimbabwe; social and economic vulnerabilities for urban youth in Zimbabwe
Naomi M. McPherson | Associate Professor Emerita | Anthropology | naomi.mcpherson@mail.ubc.ca
Research Interests: Since 1981 in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, emphasis on traditional cultures as they transform to modern social, economic and religious ideologies and institutions; gender studies; lives of girls and women; ethno-obstetrics and cosmopolitan medical systems in rural environs; changing belief systems; analysis of myth and its relation to social structure; symbolic analysis; kinship studies; the firstborn/primogeniture; ritual and mortuary ceremony; colonialism
Sandra Peacock | Associate Professor Emerita | Anthropology | sandra.peacock@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Relationship between people and the plant world; the use, classification, and management of plants for food, medicine, materials, and spiritual purposes