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Indigenous Studies

Courses Offered in Indigenous Studies

The interdisciplinary Indigenous Studies program offers courses that provide perspectives of Indigenous peoples from the Okanagan, Canada and world communities. The involvement of the Okanagan nation and the En'owkin Centre in its development and in ongoing partnership provides a strong foundation in the Okanagan community and ensures continuing input from Indigenous perspectives.

Major in Indigenous Studies


The Indigenous Studies Major offers a Coursework Option and a Community Research Project Option. Students in the Coursework Option complete Indigenous Studies courses and approved courses from other disciplines and Faculties. The Community Research Project Option in the fourth year gives qualified students the opportunity to design individual research projects relevant to a particular Indigenous community or agency and implement the project working onsite in that community or agency.

Courses are offered at the second year level in Okanagan and nation-wide Indigenous history and cultures. At the third and fourth year, courses in Indigenous governance, the justice system, land claims, traditional ecological knowledge, the protection of heritage, Indigenous theory, methodology and research applications are offered. Students may complete their Major or Minor program by taking approved courses on Indigenous topics in other disciplines and Faculties.

Graduates of the Indigenous Studies program will be prepared for employment in a growing number of fields such as Indigenous government, treaty negotiations, land and resource management, land claims, law and law enforcement, public policy development and analysis, and community development. A Major or Minor in Indigenous Studies will also benefit students pursuing careers in such areas as tourism, environment, journalism, education, health and social work. Students should meet with an academic advisor from the Indigenous Studies faculty during the first year to plan his or her Major or Minor.

Minor in Indigenous Studies

The minor program in indigenous studies will provide insight into current indigenous issues and history. It is a solid pair for social sciences or humanities, but can also provide important social context in many natural science fields.

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