Departmental statement against scholasticide in Palestine

Faculty members within the Department of Community, Culture, and Global Studies (CCGS) are issuing the following statement against the ongoing scholasticide in Palestine. The statement does not represent the views of UBC, or its departments or other constituent units outside of CCGS. By issuing this statement, we recognize that there are dissenting viewpoints within CCGS.

As of June 3rd, 2024, CCGS endorsed the Joint Statement on Canadian Universities and Palestine authored by the Palestinian-Canadian Academics and Artists Network (PCAAN) in February 2024 against the ongoing scholasticide in Palestine. In reaching this endorsement we followed procedures recommended by the UBCFA on Departmental Statements. We ensured opportunity for dialogue and also invited all members, including staff, managers, and faculty, to
vote on a motion to endorse the statement. Out of 43 eligible CCGS members, 27 voted, resulting in 26 votes in favour and 1 against adopting the motion.

With this statement, CCGS joins organizations including Faculty for Palestine Canada and the Jewish Faculty Network and other units across the Okanagan campus including Cultural Studies, the Institute for Community Engaged Research, the FEELed Lab, the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, and UBCO Faculty4PalesTne in our collective support of the PCAAN statement against scholasticide in Palestine and, as well, our collective support of the People’s University UBCO and the student-led encampment.


CCGS calls on The University of British Columbia to:

  • Condemn Israel’s destruction of the education system in the Gaza Strip and call for an immediate ceasefire.
  • Express support for Gaza’s universities, staff and students.
  • Review all partnerships, including research cooperation, student exchange and study abroad programs, and funding relations, with Israeli educational and other institutions.
  • End any relation that might be connected to ‘plausibly genocidal acts’ within the terms of the ICJ ruling.
  • Publicly condemn discriminatory and recriminatory actions taken by Israeli universities against Palestinians and Israelis who have criticized the war in Gaza.
  • Commit to setting up placements, fellowships, and scholarships for new students from Palestine, as well as hardship funds for students affected by the war and enhance provision of placements for existing Palestinian academics and students.
  • Actively support Palestine’s universities through inter-institutional cooperation, including virtual exchanges, library sharing, and infrastructural support.