Mike Evans


Office: LM4 634
Email: michael.evans@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Urban Aboriginal issues; Métis history and contemporary issues; Tonga, trans-national migration and globalization; regional food systems; Indigenous methodologies; participatory action research; community based research; and Island studies

Courses & Teaching

Globalization and Indigenous peoples


PhD, McMaster University
MA, McMaster University
BA, University of Victoria

Research Interests & Projects

Urban Aboriginal Issues; Métis History and Contemporary Issues; Tonga; Trans-national migration and globalization; Regional Food Systems

Selected Publications & Presentations

Google Scholar

Harris, Lindsey, Johannus Janmaat, Mike Evans, and Kenneth Carlaw “Negotiating the Frame for a Living Wage in Revelstoke BC: An Econ-Anthropological Approach”, Human Organization (accepted March 2018).

Evans, Mike and Lindsay Harris ‘Salmon as Symbol, Salmon as Guide: What Anadromous Fish can do for thinking about Islands, Ecosystems and the Globe’, Shima 12.1 (2018): 1-12.

Cochrane, Logan, Jon Corbett , Mike Evans and Mark Gill “Searching for social justice in GIScience publications”, Cartography And Geographic Information Science, 2016 (Available online Aug 2016)

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Leunufna, Semuel and Mike Evans “Ensuring food security in the small islands of Maluku: A community genebank approach” Journal of Marine and Island Cultures (2014), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.imic.2014.11.001

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Evans, Mike, Rachelle Hole, Lawrence Berg. Peter Hutchinson, Dixon Sookraj, and the Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Research Health Collective. Common Insights, Differing Methodologies: Towards a Fusion of Indigenous Methodologies, Participatory Action Research, and White Studies in an Urban Aboriginal Research Agenda. Qualitative Inquiry 15.5 (2009): 893-910.

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Evans, Mike  2001 Persistence of the Gift: Tongan Tradition in Transnational Context Waterloo ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press. (2.3 MB PDF)


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