Naomi M. McPherson

Associate Professor Emerita


Research Summary

Since 1981 in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, emphasis on traditional cultures as they transform to modern social, economic and religious ideologies and institutions; gender studies; lives of girls and women; ethno-obstetrics and cosmopolitan medical systems in rural environs; changing belief systems; analysis of myth and its relation to social structure; symbolic analysis; kinship studies; the firstborn/primogeniture; ritual and mortuary ceremony; colonialism

Courses & Teaching

ANTH 100: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 313: Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 333: Anthropology of Myth
ANTH 351: Ethnography of Melanesia (PNG)
ANTH 414: Kinship and Social Organization
ANTH 419: Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 430: The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual


BA (Simon Fraser)
MA (McMaster University)
Ph.D. (McMaster University)

Research Interests & Projects

West New Britain, Papua New Guinea; Melanesia; Ethno-obstetrics and gender relations; Lives of girls and women; Myth and belief systems; Colonialism in PNG; Kinship and social organization

Selected Publications & Presentations

Missing the Mark? Women and the Millennium Development goals in Africa and Oceania. Naomi M. McPherson, editor. Demeter Press (2016).

Black and Blue: Shades of violence in West New Britain, PNG. In Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea. Margaret Jolly, Christine Stewart and Carolyn Brewer, eds. Australian National University Press (2012)

Sik AIDS: Deconstructing the Awareness Campaign in Rural West New Britain, PNG. In HIV/AIDS in Oceania.  Editors: Richard Eves, Australian National University, Canberra and Leslie Butt, University of Victoria, BC.  University of Hawai’i Press. March 2008. pp.35

Myth, Primogeniture and Long Distance Trade-Friends in Northwest New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Oceania 77(2):129-157. (2007)

Tracing Tradition: Twenty-five Years of Vernacular Architecture in Bariai, West New Britain, Paupua New Ginea. Pacific Arts, New Series Vol 6: 31-40. (2007)

Women, Childbirth and Change in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. In Reproduction, Childbearing and Motherhood: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Pranee Liamputang, ed. New York, NY: Nova Science publishing. pp. 127-141 (2007)

In Colonial New Guinea: Anthropological Perspectives. Naomi M. McPherson (ed.) ASAO Monograph Series Nbr. 19 Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. (2001)


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