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MA, Gender and Women's Studies, University of British Columbia
PhD, English, Simon Fraser University

Current Projects

The Queer Future of Reproductive Politics

This project examines how reproductive politics, which are popularly framed by several assumptions about nature, the body, and time, are usefully challenged by new materialism. I ask how reproductive politics might be rethought if we took seriously queer, materialist epistemologies, which cast all matter and all bodies, not simply as objects of knowledge, but as vital agents of their own. My goal is to gain new perspective on the reproductive assumptions structuring social and political belonging, as well as to challenge the heteronormative forms of futurism that underscore reproduction. What might reproductive politics look like, for instance, if we took up Donna Haraway’s call to make kin otherwise? What if we stopped thinking of reproductive politics within the framework of reproductive futurism? And, what would it mean for reproductive politics, which are so focused on human relationships, if we stopped seeing the human as centre of the social order?

Future Now: The Reproductive Dystopia

This project examines reproduction's role in contemporary dystopic fiction. Described as an “emerging genre,” the characteristic feature of the reproductive dystopia is a future setting in which “women’s personal and reproductive freedoms are curtailed to varying degrees” by “an all-controlling state” (Nicolaou 2018). The last two years have seen a proliferation of such stories, written both by well-established and emergent authors. This project investigates what this new genre can tell us about the political unconscious, to use Fredric Jameson’s term, of public and private discourses. It suggests the genre can help us to see how and why reproduction has become a cultural and political obsession.

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Heather Latimer

Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Department of Community, Culture and Global Studies  

Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences
University of British Columbia Okanagan
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Office: ART 261
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